Honoring Our Troops and Paying Respects to Our Veterans

In the lobby of Juliette Fowler Communities, an Intergenerational Community serving children to older adults, in Dallas, TX, residents and guest are greeted with a touching reminder of the sacrifices military family are called upon to make.

Upon learning of the idea, THW Design has placed a similar display in its lobby for staff and clients alike to be reminded of those protecting our nation. THW’s founder, Tommy Thompson served as an Army Corps of Engineers Officer in WWII. Through the ensuing years, many veterans have worked at the firm. Our most recent veteran, Shamita Smith, Accounting, has served tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

THW is pleased to highlight the residents of Juliette Fowler Communities for their endearing support of their CEO and her sons. As we commemorate Memorial Day, we encourage other clients and their communities to remember and honor those in their community who’s sons and daughters are now serving in the Armed Forces as well as the veterans living amongst them.

What you need:
1. Canvass Community to gather the names of family members in the Services and/or veterans
2. Create a poster to be attached to a basket containing plastic toy soldiers (available via Amazon or Walmart)
3. Place display in a prominent position within the community Clubhouse or welcome Center
4. Ask that names of those serving be added to the display
5. Replenish as required.