THW Design Celebrates 60 Years at Latrobes on Royal | New Orleans

This year marks THW's 60th anniversary and we celebrated at Latrobes on Royal during the LeadingAge National Convention and EXPO in New Orleans. Over six decades, we have grown to become one of the leading senior living and healthcare design firms. 4 Continents, 28 States, 1,000+ Commissions and counting...

 We were thrilled to celebrate 6 decades with clients and friends at such a gorgeous venue. We appreciated the privileged access to some of the more historical spaces in the old bank given by our guest and current owner, Coleman Adler, who is renovating the building.  Completed in 1822 by architect Benjamin Henry Latrobe, Latrobe’s on Royal is one of New Orleans’ most architecturally significant buildings. Also known as the "Father of American Architecture",  Latrobes' contributions include the US Capital, the Porticos of the White House, and the Baltimore Basilica, as well as the development of the Waterworks System of the United States in an effort to combat Yellow Fever.

Many thanks, again, to all who helped us celebrate this important milestone in our history.