Focus Groups Tour Idea House

Over the course of the 2012 LeadingAge Annual Meeting and Exposition, countless senior living and healthcare professionals toured the 2012 Idea House.

THW Design hosted several hundred of them in continuing education sessions where, in conjunction with numerous product representatives, we were able to touch on the overall big picture of the various components of the house. We were also privileged to host a few focus groups for more personal tours of what the house has to offer.

We were most excited to welcome a group of residents from communities managed by LCS. As they made their way through the exhibit, we were thrilled to receive feedback from the very people for whom we design. A group of developers from China also joined us for a private tour. We've been working closely with them on several projects throughout China, and it was a great opportunity to discuss the possibilities of including some of the concepts and products in those proposed communities. Lastly, we were pleased to welcome a group from CEMO - Chief Executives of Multisite Organizations. These individuals are in key leadership positions over multiple campuses, and their insight has proved to be invaluable as we think about the 2013 Meeting in Dallas. Their unique perspectives will help challenge us as we constantly seek to stay ahead of what the market demands.

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